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Cardboard Solution

Over 90% of all products in North America are shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes. As a result, waste cardboard comprises a significant percentage of the business sector's waste stream and creates a major problem for society both ecologically and economically.

There are few existing cardboard compactors available on the market to help reduce the impact of waste cardboard. These compactors are generally hydraulic- driven, expensive to purchase, big in size, costly in terms of their electricity consumption and they require extreme care to avoid dangerous accidents.

The EasyBaler™ is the only waste cardboard recycling compactor that meets the needs of all small and medium-sized industrial, commercial and institutions (IC&I). The EasyBaler™ is safe, easy to use, small in size, mobile, and it takes virtually no electricity. It is the ideal recycling equipment for any IC&I, for which workplace safety, space, and costs are premier concerns.

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